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CANE - Trio flute, sax, piano
Sunday 19 May 2024 - 3 PM
Eliza Shephard - flute, Niels Bijl - sax
Adam McMillan - piano

CANE, a collaboration between C - Chris Healey, A - Adam McMillan, N - Niels Bijl and E - Eliza Shephard. Composer Chris Healey has initiated this ensemble, with the help of the ACCC to further promote Australian chamber music. A rich tapestry of existing works, a brand new composition and transcriptions of known and unknown gems of Australian music.

On the program:

Kym Alexandra Dillon - Scherzo
Chris Healey - Mise-en-Scene 
Andrew Howes - The Aching Bones
Katy Abbott - Making Angels
Catherine Likhuta - Me Disagrees
Luke Severn  - And Other Lines

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