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Michael Leslie - Piano
With Niels Bijl - Saxophones
Sunday 14 April - 3 PM

For many years it has been common knowledge that Brahms had a serious dislike of cats. Rumour had it that he had a habit of shooting them with bow and arrow, and  corporated their screams into his own works. 

Quite recently it came to light though that it was indeed a rumour. Malicious gossip, by none other than fellow composer Richard Wagner. 

Michael Leslie is one of our most beloved performing artists at the Yarragon Studio: Midway through his first piano recital he literally had the ivories flying through the room. He's back in Victoria for a brief period, with a very special request: to perform Brahms famous Clarinet Sonata in E flat major, Op 120 No 2, in a transcription for saxophone. Some purists might disagree, but Michael is actually convinced that this work will resonate better when played on alto saxophone. We found a beautiful match for this masterpiece in cello sonata opus 5, written by Ethel Smythe, a famous british composer and a member of the women's suffrage movement. She spend quite a bit of time with Brahms, and later in life opened up about how she felt Brahms could have been more understanding and supportive of female composers and performing artists. 

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